Service User Testimonials

"The regular care workers I have are a credit to your company."

HH - Reigate

"Jane and Sally are exceptional and provide great care and customer service. Kealeigh is responsive."

DS - Oxted

"I do find it very easy to talk to Emily and Alvin, I feel like they are very easy to tell them how I feel and if I have a problem. I really like Emily, Alvin and Katie, I feel like they know everything and always try and spend time with me and help me out when I need it. They are just really good people in general."

DH - Caterham

"Reliable, professional carers and office staff".

EG -Horley

"There have been some lovely people who chat to my dad, make him a cup of tea immediately as they walk in the flat, and as a recently bereaved person this has really helped"

LW - Reigate

"I am lucky to have such a lovely team of carers."

JT - Horley

"All carers are polite, and I feel I can talk to them anytime I feel I need to. They always meet my service care to the highest standard. Britannia care are the most considerate and best care agency."

ML - Merstham

"All carers are exceptionally friendly and caring and professional. Couldn't wish for a nicer bunch of people. Makes my life as mum's daughter so much easier and mum's life as well. I can't think of any way you can improve your exceptional service. You are all so brilliant, informal, friendly and caring. Don't change."

JR - Redhill

"I would like to thank everyone at Britannia Homecare, especially the carers they have been amazing in helping me reach my reablement goals."

SR - Redhill Service User

"I Would like to thank everyone at Britannia Homecare for all the support and care you provided. My Father absolutely loved all of the carers."

AW- Godstone Service User's daughter

"I would like to thank you for the kindness of the carers in looking after my late Mum. She Looked forward to seeing them and always said they were very kind to her. They bought her great joy and a little bit of the outside world which she was missing. With their help we managed to keep her at home with us for a few more months."

GL- Chaldon Service User's daughter

"To all at Britannia Homecare, may I take this opportunity to thank you all for the way I was treated even when I was back on my feet again. The tender care was still a priority, so once again many, many thanks for your loving care, and best wishes for the future."

RG- Oxted Service User

"Britannia Homecare have been wonderful in helping me reach my goals. I didn't know this kind of service was available, everyone has been so supportive and friendly."

EE- Redhill Service User

"The carers that visit my wife are a credit to your company, and always they help me when I ask."

HH- Reigate Service User' Husband

"The carers are lovely, both friendly and professional, thank you all for helping me."

JS-Lingfield Service User

"I am very happy with the service I receive. They are always very pleasant."

JD- Lingfield Service User

"Thank you, Britannia Homecare, for helping my wife, we are both very happy with the service she receives."

JC- Redhill Service User's husband

"Britannia carers are always polite and helpful and help me with my shower. I am very pleased with the service."

ST- Horley Service User

"So pleased we are with Britannia Homecare, all the carers are fantastic, we look forward to the carers coming."

JR- Redhill Service User

"We can always contact Britannia by phone if any problems or circumstances arise. Staff are always willing and able to help to sort out quickly should the need arise."

GC- Reigate Service User

"My carers are very keen and easy to chat to and are the high light of my day."

MM- Horley Service user

"We have been so impressed with all the staff at Britannia and would highly recommend your services."

TG- Smallfield Service User

"I am very happy with her service that I receive, the carers are very helpful and always smiling, they make my day."

AB- Lingfield Servicer User

"I am very happy with Britannia Homecare, Many thanks."

JT- Reigate Service User

"My main carer is a lovely lady, we have known her for years, and is very good to my wife and myself. All carers are kind to us both."

CR- Redhill Service User

"Thank you for all you do."

MP- Smallfield Service User

"Good service all round."

RM- Merstham Service User

"Britannia Homecare, carers and team are thoughtful and respectful of my feelings and needs, I would recommend them to all my friends and family. Thanks Britannia in making me feel safe."

ML- Merstham Service User

"My carers are excellent, hardworking, and worth their weight in gold. They never rush me even when I am their last visit. Nothing is too much trouble."

NH- Redhill Service User

"Our carer is very caring and efficient, we treat her like one of our family."

MM- Horley Service User

"I am very happy with my care package, Many thanks."

VS- Redhill Service User

"Very happy with the care that my mother received from the carers, friendly, polite, capable, understanding people."

MD- Smallfield Service User's daughter

"Very good, First-class carers."

SS- Oxted Service User

"All my carers are very helpful, and I have no complaints whatsoever."

Anonymous Service User

"All the carers are very kind and helpful. I am so pleased that I have carers."

JM- Horley Service User

"My Mums carer is compassionate. Professional, flexible and works hard, she goes over and above to ensure mums needs are met and takes time to listen and interact."

BD- Horley Service User's daughter

"Its now 2 years since Dad returned home, and your superb team started providing care for him and critical support for my Mum and the rest of the family. Without your excellent and reliable support over such a challenging period especially over the initial lockdown, we would have been unable to keep him at home. So, on behalf of all the family and dad we cannot thank you and your team enough."

GR- Woldingham Service User's son

"So very happy with Britannia, all your employees are so helpful and friendly, it's more like having a family friend come to help. Thank you so much Britannia and to all your carers."

JR-Redhill Service User

"Britannia Homecare are always polite to me and my family, I wouldn't change a thing."

ML- Merstham Service User

"I am very happy with the service that you provide. Thank you very much."

AB-Lingfield Service User

"Your staff are considerate, caring, and patient. They are all wonderful, always go the extra mile in helping and advising us and nothing is too much trouble. Thank you, Britannia and all your staff."

TH- Caterham Service user's wife

"From a family member prospective, we as a family are very pleased with Britannia Homecare. We couldn't ask for anymore. We know our dad is very well looked after and his needs are met so well. Everyone treats him with respect and kindness and take interest in him each day. The Homecare's are always professional and friendly. Thank you, Britannia."

RS- Horley Service user's daughter

"I have been very impressed with the care Britannia Homecare Provide. Very approachable, both management and carers. You have been enormous help. Thank you so very much."

SR-Redhill Service User

"My mum has always had the same Homecare worker since the start of her care, she has always provided professional care whilst always making time to engage and chat with mum, Mum enjoys her visits."

BD-Horley Service User's daughter

"A very professional and efficient service."

PH- Lingfield Service User